MIDTRONICS Advancing Battery Management

Battery and Electrical Preventative Maintenance

With the right tools, every service visit is an opportunity to please customers and increase parts and service sales. Midtronics battery testers and electrical system analyzers can help you take full advantage of these profitable preventative maintenance opportunities.

Don’t Just Perform Battery Service.
Sell It.

Safe, fast, simple battery management products from Midtronics allow technicians to test the entire battery and electrical system in minutes and provide a complete printout for customer review in seconds.

Using conductance, you can uncover weak batteries before they fail the customer. Meanwhile, in-tool reporting helps your shop continuously monitor the effectiveness and profitability of the program.

  • Integrate into routine maintenance packages (spring tune-up, winterization)
  • Add value to simple jobs such as oil changes
  • Increase parts and service sales

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