MIDTRONICS Advancing Battery Management

Patented Conductance Technology

An Integral Part of Every Midtronics Product

Conductance is an electrical measurement that determines the ability of a battery to transmit current through its internal structure. Midtronics pioneered conductance technology for battery testing, and it’s at the heart of every battery analyzer and diagnostic charger that bears the Midtronics name.

Proprietary Midtronics algorithms utilize multiple conductance measurements, battery temperature assessments, and voltage responses to provide a detailed picture of a battery’s performance capabilities. The analysis can also track battery life and predict when it is nearing end-of-life. Midtronics Conductance Technology is recognized globally as the standard to determine battery condition and control battery charging and is the required test method for battery warranty decisions at most automotive OEMs worldwide.

Advantages of Conductance Technology

SAFE: Run a test anywhere, even with the customer present

FAST: Test a battery or a full system accurately in seconds

SIMPLE: Easy-to-use menus and controls eliminate guesswork and reduce user
errors to deliver an accurate analysis every time

EFFICIENT: Improves battery and electrical diagnostic productivity and accuracy