MIDTRONICS Advancing Battery Management

Aftermarket Battery Management

Helping Your Associates Service Your Customers

Working with our aftermarket partners around the world, Midtronics has helped change the way batteries are sold and serviced. Here are some of the ways we help manage warranties, sell more services and satisfy more customers.

Battery and electrical retailers:
For non-technical, non-technician retail or parts store employees, battery testers and chargers must be easy to use.

Midtronics works closely with retail partners to tailor the equipment, processes and management systems to help quickly and safely find defective batteries or rapidly charge good batteries and get customers back on the road as soon as possible. The results: high levels of customer service and better managed warranty/returns cost.

Service providers:
Applying our extensive experience at dealer service locations and retailers, Midtronics creates tools with an optimal mix of technical capabilities and ease of use for professional aftermarket service providers.

This focused approach helps service providers quickly and easily find the problem the first time and service their customers in a timely, cost-effective manner. For preventative maintenance, battery and electrical diagnostics and warranty management, Midtronics delivers the right program to help you achieve your goals.

Independent service garages:
Working with vehicle OEMs to provide solutions as new vehicles and systems are released helps us to also provide the latest technology and service tools to the aftermarket professional garage and technician. Customers around the world count on Midtronics to continue to advance the standard for professional battery and electrical system service.