MIDTRONICS Advancing Battery Management

Product Questions & Repair

The Midtronics Transportation Division is committed to providing high quality products and services to our customers. Our Customer Service team is available to answer your questions about product performance and features, as well as battery testing standards and best practices.

If you have questions about your Midtronics product's performance or features, or are in need of service, we request that you take the following steps to finding answers to your questions:

Consult the instruction manual, which features the following information:

  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Troubleshooting
  • Warranty & Service Information

Most Midtronics product manuals can be found here: http://www.midtronics.com/resources#manuals.

If you are unable to find the information you need in the product manual,
contact Midtronics Customer Service:

North America, Latin America, Middle East & Asia Pacific (other than China)
7:30am to 5:00pm CST, Monday through Friday
Toll-Free in North America: (866) 592-8052
Phone: +1 (630) 323-2800 -- Select Option 1 at prompt
Fax: +1 (630) 323-2844
Email: CustomerHelp@midtronics.com

Europe & Africa
Phone: +31 306 868 150
Fax: +31 306 868 158
Email: service-europe@midtronics.com

Phone: +86-755-23741010
Fax: +86-755-23741011
Email: chinainfo@midtronics.com

If there is an issue that cannot be resolved over the phone and
your product requires service:

  • Customers in North America should contact Midtronics directly (rather than the place of purchase) and follow the process outlined below. All other customers should contact the place of purchase or an authorized Midtronics service provider for instructions. For a list of authorized service providers, visit http://www.midtronics.com/customer-service.
  • The Customer Service Representative will issue a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. The RMA number enables us to promptly process and track the unit upon receipt.
  • At the time of your call, the Customer Service Representative will quote a flat-rate repair cost for non-warranty service and discuss payment options.
  • Please follow Customer Service instructions regarding which item(s) need to be shipped and carefully pack in a sturdy container to avoid product damage during shipping.
  • Ship the unit to Midtronics (freight prepaid) at the applicable address below for your geographic location. The RMA number must also be printed on the shipping box, as shown:

    United States
    Midtronics, Inc.
    RMA# ___________________________
    7000 Monroe Street
    Willowbrook, IL 60527
FTN c/o Midtronics, Inc.
RMA# ___________________________
7075 Ordan Drive
Mississauga, ON L5T 1K6
The Canadian address is a FedEx routing facility -- not a Midtronics location. If you do not include the RMA# on the label as shown when shipping to this address, your product service will be severely delayed.
  • We strive for one business day service turnaround (not including shipping time) on typical repairs. Certain repairs and busy periods may result in extended service turnaround time.
  • Your serviced product will be shipped back to you using the same level of service. For example, if you send the product to us via ground service, it will be returned to you via ground service. It may not be the same carrier, but it will be the same level of service.
  • Products serviced while still under warranty will be return shipped to you at Midtronics expense.

Accessories & Replacement Parts

Midtronics accessories and replacement parts are available from a variety of authorized resellers and distributors, both in store locations and online. Customers in North America may also order parts directly from Midtronics. To order, simply email complete details to Order@midtronics.com.

To view available accessories and replacement parts, visit http://www.midtronics.com/shop/products-1/accessories.